Explore Your Soul’s Desire Workshop

There are two core reasons we are not reaching our highest potential.

First, we don’t know our souls purpose – what we came here on earth to learn, do or say.

Second, we haven’t yet reached a level of unconditional love for ourselves, that gives us permission to stay focused on our true purpose.

Saturday, December 8th, all that can change.

Bypass the conscious mind to explore your soul’s desire. Connect to your Higher-Self through meditation and explore your soul’s desire in depth through art journaling.

Don’t worry, no art experience is necessary. In fact, we want to explore through ‘beginner’s mind’ as Buddha says.

Practice a heart opening meditation that will lead you toward unconditional self-love.

Saturday, December 8th

1 – 5 pm

Third Street Center

520 S. Third Street, Carbondale, Calaway Room

Pre register $72    At the door $99

Claire O’Leary

Claire is a Survivor’s Healing Alchemist who empowers others through her peer led EMPOWER™ Technique and from Wounds to Wisdom mentoring program.

For 5 years, Claire has led workshops and worked with individuals to guide them through blocks, helping them identify, release and reframe their trauma to empower their voice.

CEO and Founder of The Empowered VOICE traveling art exhibit, a public will building campaign, Claire empowers the voice of survivors through expressive arts and speaking.