I provide a safe haven for incest survivors to shorten their emotional healing journey and reclaim their authentic voice.

I help you open your heart to the joys of living while gently cutting through negative thought patterns to release anger and resentment that stems from old wounds.

I guide you to regain self-confidence,  inner power and embody your authentic voice so you can experience the passionate connection you truly desire.

You learn to express yourself more clearly and easily, without shame or blame.

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What decision did you make as a result of being a survivor?

Claire O’Leary, Survivors’ Healing Catalyst talks about her journey and why it’s so important to you as an incest survivor.

At 3:59 you learn what decision she made at 5 years old because of the incest and how it affected the rest of her life.

At 4:18 you discover the effects of incest on so many women.

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