Empowering the Voice of Survivors


My Mission  is to Bring Incest to Light

I do this on 2 levels.

First I partner with non-profit agencies with a similar mission to create a traveling exhibit depicting the healing journey of incest survivors through expressive arts and speaking to educate the public and inspire social change regarding incest (child sexual assault) and ways of healing incest in America. All in order to empower the voice of incest survivors.

Second, I support women incest survivors one-on-one and in groups to help heal the old wounds and to empower the voice of survivors.

The Vision

Revealing the healing journey of incest survivors through expressive arts such as visual artist books, painting, music, dance and story telling to regain their voice.

“Bringing Incest to Light” is a traveling art exhibit depicting the healing journey of women incest survivors.

Using Claire O’Leary’s revolutionary Pandora’s Promise technique, we’ll create a visual book-art journey to take across America. We’ll reclaim our voices and wake up America to the prevalence of incest and child sexual assault.

Empowers incest survivors to regain their voice, educates the public, inspires social change and raises funds to help heal survivors.

  • Empowers incest survivors by giving them a voice after years of silence
  • Demonstrates the power of expressive art in healing
  • Demonstrates the journey from the shame and pain of incest to healing and gaining wisdom within
  • Offers solutions that support incest survivors
  • Provides information on becoming a survivors’ advocate
  • Present Ideas for prevention
  • Inspires social change

Raise funds for your organization

Host a workshop and exhibit as a fund raiser for your non-profit organization to support sexual assault survivors and finance prevention programs.

Call today to discuss your fund raising options. 303.525.6893

Bringing Incest to Light – for Survivors

Empowering the voice of incest survivors

From Wounds to Wisdom Accelerator – An interactive day, filled with guided meditation, music, movement, journaling and visual journaling can be hosted anywhere in the country where there is enough interest.

Claire’s proprietary system, Pandora’s Promise (so named because we will crack open Pandora’s Box and release unwanted beliefs one at a time, until hope appears) empowers you to move through your wounds to find your own inner wisdom and reclaim your voice.
Bringing Incest to Light Through Expressive Arts PlayShops and Retreats are for those who wish to continue expressing their voice and join the traveling exhibit.

A creative opportunity to depict your personal healing journey as an artist book. Claire will guide you through the process of making an artist book and help you every step of the way until you have a piece of art that you are proud to use to express your voice.

It includes an opportunity to create a video to display along with the artwork to really empower your voice. Or, travel with the exhibit (at your cost) to speak about your healing journey in person.

Find or request a From Wounds to Wisdom Accelerator near you at Claire@ClearHeartHealingArts.com or call 303.525.6893.

The Exhibit

Exhibits follow each Bringing Incest to Light Through Expressive Arts PlayShop or retreat thus growing the exhibit each time.

Each exhibit includes a short introductory speech by Claire O’Leary or other survivors and advocates. Survivors who are available to travel and speak or are local to the event may also share their stories. Exhibits may include visual art books, and other fine art, music and dance performances.


Claire O'Leary

About Claire

Claire O'Leary's calling is to Bring Incest to Light.  She is creating a traveling exhibit with other survivors depicting their healing journey through expressive arts in order to empower the voice of incest survivors and educate America on the pervasiveness of incest.

Speaker, Survivors Healing Catalyst and Reiki Master, Claire supports individuals and groups through mentoring and workshops.

Founder of Clear Heart Healing Arts and From Wounds to Wisdom, Claire O'Leary provides a safe haven for women incest survivors to empower their voice. She supports them to release anger, resentment and negative self-talk that comes from old wounds.

As an incest survivor, and after many years of silence herself, Claire understands the devastating effects of silence. It is why she is so passionate about helping others to find their voice.

She guides women in regaining the self-confidence and inner power they need in order to express themselves more clearly and easily (to reclaim their voice), without shame or blame. And without holding on to anger.

She speaks at various local and national events about “Bringing Incest to Light" and "Moving from Wounds to Wisdom“.

You can contact Claire directly at Claire@ClaireOLeary.com or call 303.525.6893